WELLNESS PET CARE strengthes your pet’s immune system through safeguards that provide a healing environment free of toxic underlying causes of disease.

Wellness Care That Restores Your Pet’s Health…

Most disease, illness and behavior problems in pets is related to a weakened immune system from daily exposure to environmental toxins. Many pet owners are surprised to learn that the source of these toxins is often contaminants in water, flea collars, improper diet and exposure to insecticides, pollution and even second hand smoke. Besides affecting their immune system, these toxins contribute to a sluggish metabolism from a poorly functioning thyroid and diseased liver that is not able to eliminate toxins and remove unwanted fat.

Natural and Unprocessed Diet: The First Step to Wellness in Pets

The first step in helping your pet eliminate toxins from the body is to examine your pet’s diet. Most people are so used to feeding their pets commercially produced food that the thought of doing anything else seems strange. Commercially produced foods typically contain many chemical additives that besides lacking a nutritional benefit, accumulate in your pet’s tissues and organs, seriously affecting thyroid, liver and digestive functioning over time. Your pet’s optimal health requires a diet that is both natural for your type of pet and unprocessed. Raw foods contain many essential nutrients and minerals that may be destroyed by cooking and processing.

Providing pets with a healing environment free of toxic underlying causes of disease…

Wellness care includes physical exams, safe pet vaccination, dental care, nutritional supplements, a an unprocessed natural pet food diet, energetically healthy drinking water and strategies that holistically treat pet allergies, safely eliminate parasites, detoxify the body, improve digestion, reduce chronic pain and correct nervous system misalignments or subluxations for the prevention and effective treatment of chronic disease.