When your dog, cat or other pet are treated through our holistic veterinary services at Animal Health Oasis, part of our healing and wellness foundational care includes treatment with nutritional supplements, herbs, Bach Flower Remedies and/or homeopathy.

The medicines that are prescribed by Dr. Anja Kordon are a critical part of your pet’s healing treatment plan. They are specifically determined through BICOM bioresonance therapy to be exactly what your pet needs to recover from his illness or disease process.

Understanding Homeopathic Treatment

Homepathic medicines are prepared from plants, minerals and other substances found in nature. The word “homeopathic” comes from the Greek word “homeo” meaning “similar” and pathos meaning “disease” or “suffering.” Homeopathic remedies are ultra diluted preparations that work at an energetic level to correct disturbed energy patterns specifically present in a sick individual patient. Homepathics are based on a special law in nature known as the Law of Similars. This law says that substances that produce certain symptoms in a healthy person or animal will when prepared and administered as special formulations, cure a person or animal who has those same symptoms as part of an illness or disease process. In other words, a homepathic medicine or remedy can cure a sick person or animal if it can cause similar sickness in a healthy patient. Unlike traditional Western Medicine that seeks to diagnose and treat specific diseases, homeopathy is about treating symptoms that represent a state of physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance specific to an individual patient. There are hundreds of published clinical studies in respected publications like Lancet, Pediatrics, Rheumatology, and Annals of Internal Medicine, among others, that provide scientific proof that homeopathy works. Any plant, mineral or animal substance can be prepared and used as a homeopathic remedy. The preparation involves diluting the substance in a liquid solution repeatedly and vigorously shaking it with each dilution. Although it seems to go against logic, homeopathic potency increases with each dilution. Even though they are diluted, homeopathic remedies can be very powerful when used properly. Because of their dilution, they are also extremely safe. Homeopathy is not the same as herbal medicine that exclusively uses tinctures of botanical substances to promote healing.

Supplements Your Pet May Require

Multivitamins and Mineral Supplements
– Wholefood supplements much better than synthetic ones
– Standard Process Catalyn and Cyrofood
– Quality varies with other whole food brands

Whole Spectrum Salt
– Dr. David Brownstein’s book:SALT YOUR WAY TO HEALTH
– Celtic Salt
– Redmond Salt
– Himalayan salt

– Very helpful in helping to balance the intestinal flora
– Yogurt is not a good source for probiotics
– ABC: Pro-Bi
– SP: Lact-Enz
– Others (often better when refrigerated)

– Naturally available TOA
– Cat’s Claw
– Effective in controlling Borrelia and prevents its entry into the system Effective against Helicobacterpylori
– Immune Modulator

– Dr. David Brownstein’s book: IODINE WHY YOU NEED IT
– Lugol’s Iodine solution: contains IODINE and IODIDE (important to provide both)
– Iodine insufficiency FAQ- Order from Dr. Flechas

– Helps detox heavy metals (like Nickel)
– Provides minerals

– Lack of food enzymes in heat processed diets- Body must use own resources, e.g. of the pancreas
– Pancreatic size in rodents fed with processed food was as much as 300% larger than normal
– Enzymes only work at a cold temperature, moisture and pH
– Enzymes needed are amylase, protease, lipase and cellulase
– Zypan includes all enzymes needed for proper digestion

Essential Oils
– Nordic Naturals Fish oil (without flavors)
– Has high processing standards (distilled)
– Has low toxin values
– Does not turn rancid
– Ghee: (best home-made from raw milk which is not readily available because of pasteurization laws); purchase at Health Food Stores

Holistic Prevention and Treatment of Common Pet Problems

Many herbal and homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements are safe and effective in the holistic prevention and treatment of common pet problems such as fleas and ticks; heartworm prevention; emotional problems; itching and scratching,; skin rashes, abrasions and minor infections; flatulence and more.

Holistic Pet Care Backed by Your Commitment

When your dog, cat or other pet is treated at Animal Health Oasis, we ask for a total commitment in administering medicines as directed in addition to eliminating identified environmental toxins that are compromising the health of your pet. In many cases, those same toxins are affecting people in your home as well as your pets and by eliminating them, you will see an improvement in the health, energy and vitality of your entire family.