Unlike traditional veterinary care that offers limited prevention strategies and often ineffective solutions for acute and chronic illness, Dr. Anja Kordon of Animal Health Oasis provides FOUNDATIONAL holistic sick and wellness care for dogs, cats, birds, other domestic pets and farm and exotic animals.

Foundational care is an approach to diagnosis and treatment based on the identification and removal of root causes of disease and environmental risk factors that are likely to limit healing and become the source of future problems. It incorporates Martin Keymer Six Pillars of Health as a model for achieving health and preventing disease through wellness strategies.

Foundational care is the most effective and least costly method of keeping an animal healthy, fit and well behaved. It is based first and foremost on a partnership between the veterinarian and the pet owner with a commitment to comply with treatment needs that may necessitate changes that impact the entire family.

Environment is a major consideration for determining how well an animal can recover from illness or injury and thrive. Factors such as food, water quality, litter (in cats), geopathic stress and supplements are evaluated as part of the plan for the pet’s recovery and maintenance.

Foundational Care Through the Bicom 2000 Bioresonance Machine

Foundational care always begins with the Bicom 2000 bioresonance machine for analysis and detection of specific abnormalities and environmental factors contributing to those problems. Pet owners are asked to bring samples of food, water, litter (in cats), medications, pet care products, a stool sample (if possible) and anything in the animal’s environment that is potentially contributing to the presenting problem. Dr. Kordon uses Bicom bioresonance therapy during the initial appointment and later appointments when necessary to detect and eliminate bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, geopathic stresses and weaknesses in organ systems that are determined to be the root cause of your pet’s problem. Other diagnostic testing may be used to provide additional information about the animal’s state of health. Blood testing may be used for instance, to detect the presence of antibodies to vaccines and determine whether the animal is capable of mounting a protective response. Hormone testing may also provide insight about symptoms and response to treatment.

Why Bioresonance Therapy is Important

Bioresonance therapy, based on quantum physics, can quickly and painlessly measure and analyze offending substances and their effect on the animal’s body. Each substance has its own unique frequency just as a radio station has a frequency that is different from other stations.

Unhealthy frequencies create chaos in cells which interfere with cellular functions and cause disease. Besides analyzing healthy and unhealthy frequencies, the Bicom separates and filters them, inverting unhealthy frequencies, strengthening them and returning them to the body as healing frequencies. Over time and with additional Bicom healing sessions, cells become normalized as the chaotic frequencies are cleared and the offending substances are eliminated. Healing frequencies restore cellular communication that allows the animal to regain its optimal health. Since normalcy is restored on many levels, even symptoms that were not obvious to the pet owner are also improved or eliminated. The animal for instance, may become more social and loving with better overall behavior including less aggression and accidents in the house if that was a problem.

Foundational Care Through Elimination of EMF Geopathic Radiation Stress

Electromagnetic (EMF) pollution in the environment of people and their pets can have a severe impact on health. Even when nutrition, water quality, litter (in cats) and air quality are optimal and the pet is receiving the recommended Bicom sessions, failure to neutralize EMF radiation from electronic devices, radio waves, wireless broadcasting frequencies, water-lines and magnetic field distortions can greatly limit healing and ultimately produce a decline in health. Pets are negatively impacted by EMF radiation just as people are and it is wise for families to receive a geobiological consultation to identify and neutralize sources that are unique to them. Through appropriate Geobiological EMF protection services, pets and their owners experience a reduction in stress along with greater energy, improved sleep, diminished discomforts, peacefulness and overall enhanced mental and physical functioning.

Through specialized testing, Dr. Kordon will determine the correct Geopathic neutralizer for your living, working or sleeping space. From this analysis, she will determine the correct GeoSafe products and configuration for protecting you and your pets.

Foundational Care Through Nutrition, Supplements, Herbs, Bach Flower Remedies and Homeopathy

Part of the foundational treatment plan for your pet will include information about healthy pet nutrition, supplements and other healing substances that will allow your pet to regain his or her health. Dr. Kordon will provide you with appropriate supplements, herbs, homeopathic medicines and Bach Flower Remedies for your pet that have been proven through the Bicom to contain healing frequencies that your animal needs for optimal recovery. It is critical that these supplements be administered by you as directed, even after your pet seems to be acting normally. Once your pet is determined to be well per Dr. Kordon, she may recommend that you continue certain products as part of a program of health maintenance.

Foundational Care Through Regular Health Checkups for your Pet

Just as you are encouraged to get regular checkups with your physician, your pet will benefit from routine health maintenance evaluations that rely largely on the Bicom for detecting, measuring and eliminating health problems. As environmental factors often change, it is important to communicate changes and review and retest food, water, medications, stool, litter and other substances that might have an impact on the health of your pet.