We are Certified Geo-Biologists licensed to remediate EMFs using the Geo-Safe-E® System provided by the International Geo-Safe Institute in Germany. For more information, go to https://www.geobaubiologie.com/international/usa-canada.
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Restoring Pet Health through EMF Protection…

The health of people and pets can be severely impacted by electromagnetic radioactive pollution in their environment from electronic devices, radio waves, wireless broadcasting frequencies, water-lines and magnetic field distortions producing ground radiation. Even when nutrition, water quality and air quality are optimal, EMF radiation stress can produce profound symptoms that compromise health.

When EMF radiation is effectively neutralized, the effects on overall health can be dramatic. You and your pets will experience a reduction in stress along with greater energy, improved sleep, diminished discomforts, peacefulness and overall enhanced mental and physical functioning.

Geobiologic Consultation for Effective EMF Neutralization

The sources and amount of radiation for an individual’s sleeping and living environment will vary considerably from one person to the next. This means that no single solution will meet the needs of each individual. Optimal neutralization is reached when the type of neutralization and the best location for placement of GeoSafe E Products (near bed or workspace) is determined through a geobiological consultation performed onsite or through remote services. Through specialized testing, Dr. Kordon will determine the correct neutralizer for your living, working or sleeping space. When it is not feasible to do this in person, you may send her a small sample of hair that she can use to test your energetic situation. From this analysis, she will determine the correct GeoSafe products and configuration for protecting you and your pets.


GeoSafe E Products are used by over 2000 physicians and therapists in over 25 countries worldwide to neutralize harmful radiation and help restore and maintain the health of their patients. The neutralizing material within these products is based on 30 years of research and experience in electromagnetic and earth radiation study by Dieter Schafer. The effectiveness in neutralizing radiation fields in this material is backed by proven clinical data.

Dr. Kordon is the only geobiologic consultant in the US trained and licensed to distribute GeoSafe E Products. The 15 different crystal/ mineral mixtures within the Geo Safe E system work for most situations. On occasions when they do not, an individualized mixture can be prepared for an additional charge. Some sources of electromagnetic radiation are constant and can be neutralized through products without the need for testing. The computer workspace Geo Safe E sphere is universal and does not need to be tested as are the laptop, pendant and pocket neutralizers.

GeoSafe E Products include wooden spheres, computer, laptop and pocket neutralizers. They contain mixtures of crystals and minerals that neutralize common EMF pollution through absorption and refraction. The system contains a combination of over 20 crystal and mineral substances with varying physical angles of refraction for radiation neutralization from specific sources.


GeoSafe Spheres can be located in environments such as bedrooms, offices, living rooms, automobiles and computer workspaces. They range between $200 to $350 in price. Computer protection GeoSafe is $200 and the laptop product is $60. Pocket products offer protection from cell phones and while traveling by automobile, train and airplane. These are priced at $60 each.


Improve your health and the health of your pets through EMF protection.