Animals, pets and their owners are exposed to harmful food additives, chemically loaded drinking water, environmental toxins, electromagnetic fields, exhaust fumes and medications (including vaccinations and parasite prevention drugs). Like people, animals have an enormous capacity to heal themselves through their body’s own self regulation.

When loads on the animal’s system accumulate over a long period of time, the self-regulation can be blocked or completely shut down. The result is disturbances in the overall health of your animal, behavioral changes and serious disease.

What is bioresonance?

All forms of matter are energy that radiate into the environment in the form of oscillations or waves also known as frequencies. A radio operates using frequencies. Your favorite station transmits frequencies of a special wavelength that you can hear only if you set the dial on your radio to that station’s special frequency. Just as your radio operates on frequencies, every cell in the body and every substance (plants, stones, water, bacteria, pollen, etc.) oscillate with their own specific frequency pattern or signature.

The body’s cells communicate with each other through these frequencies. In a healthy body this communication works undisturbed and allows the body to function properly. Cells and organs communicate with each other in an energetic way, directing their biological functions and passing along information as to their state of health in the form of an energy field. The health of the energy field determines how you feel and function. Everything that your pet is exposed to including ingested food, water, bacteria, toxins, heavy metals and stress, produces a unique electromagnetic signature that impacts the energy field.

Negative influences like toxins, bacteria or electromagnetic frequencies can disturb or even block the communication between the cells. The cell’s proper function stops. The animal becomes dis-eased and shows symptoms. Often those symptoms occur where there is a weakness caused by a genetic or a breed disposition. Every disease and illness is associated with disharmonious oscillations in the cells of tissues and organs.

Bioresonance Therapy and the Bicom

Bioresonance therapy, a healing treatment for people and pets, began in Germany in the 1970’s and is based on the application of bio and quantum physics. Bioresonance therapy detects and works with the electromagnetic frequency information continually being generated in the body. Vibrational infomation is detected and changed by the Bicom bioresonance machine, eliminating unhealthy vibrations and strengthening healthy frequencies until optimal coherence is achieved.

The Bicom can quickly and painlessly measure and analyze offending substances and their effect on the animal’s body. In many cases using this method only, we determine which load is causing the disease, e.g. allergens, bacteria, etc. Using a test vial that contains the identified substance, we use the Bicom to determine its specific frequency.

The Bicom filters and separates the healthy and unhealthy frequencies. It can then intensify, weaken or mirror a frequency and transmit the frequency pattern back to the patient.

Unhealthy frequencies get inverted and returned to the body as healing frequencies. The cells start again to communicate unhindered and the disturbing bacteria or toxin is eliminated. This allows the body to return to its normal state of health.

The Bicom receives the disturbed frequencies of sick organs and changes them into positive, healing frequencies that are given back to the body, so the body can heal itself.