The success of your pet’s Bioresonance Therapy will largely depend on adherence to specific requests and instructions provided prior to and during the Bicom treatment period.

It is essential that all family members and pet caregivers are aware of and committed to complying with the pet’s treatment needs as follows:

  • Bring samples of food, water (in clean glass jar), medications, shampoos, preventive medication (heartworm, fleas), stool sample (if possible) and litter (for cats) with you at the initial appointment (actual substances are needed for testing). Stool samples are also helpful for a more complete diagnosis.
  • Additional samples needed for specific problems:
    • If your pet has had dental work done or any type of surgery, ask your veterinarian for a used gauze.
    • If you pet has been diagnosed and treated for cancer, ask your veterinarian for a small piece of the tumor.
    • We will obtain blood samples as needed for problems with the liver, heart, lungs, gall bladder or lymph system.
    • We will obtain urine samples for problems related to joints, kidneys, bladder, lymphatic system, spleen, genitals and skin.
    • We will obtain saliva samples for problems related to the stomach, ileum, colon, pancreas, head, joints, mucous and genitals.
    • Stool samples are indicated for problems with the gall bladder, colon, pancreas, ileum, stomach and lympatic system.
  • During each appointment, bring all medications that you are giving your pet.
  • Provide your pet with plenty of fresh, clean water (preferably reverse osmosis water, tested and approved water). Animals have an increased thirst after the Bicom therapy.
  • Encourage your pet to drink as much as possible before every treatment (this will enhance the effect of the treatment and save you money, because fewer sessions will be needed). Boil a piece of meat or fish or even vegetables (NO onions) in clean water and offer the broth. An alternative is to sprinkle a freeze-dried liver treat over the water.
  • Feed your pet according to Dr. Kordon’s instructions that are based on testing of the food.
  • Give all medications as prescribed by Dr. Kordon.
  • During the therapy time, do not give any treats that contain sugar (this includes wheat products). Sugar damages healthy bacterial flora in the intestine and enhances the growth of unhealthy bacteria that promote intestinal disease. Limit these same treats and foods even after the treatment is finished and when in doubt, consult with Dr. Kordon.
  • Expect your pet to sleep more after therapy. You may also see increased panting in dogs. These are signs of improved regulation and are positive reactions to the therapy. They will disappear in a short amount of time.
  • GeoSafe protection products in the pet’s environment are highly recommended. Use of a GeoSafe pendant is imperative for lasting results. Ask for a demonstration.