There are many ways that Bioresonance Therapy can help your pet to recover from injury, illness and prevent future problems. Some treatment applications include:

Chronic Diseases

Bicom is an outstanding form of therapy for chronic diseases and allergies. Other indications are heart and circulation problems, lameness, intestinal disorders and skin challenges. For problems like arthritis and hip dysplasia, Bicom therapy can help to stop the progression of the disease and increase comfort and well being in your pet.

Traumatic Injuries

Although conventional treatment is indicated for acute trauma injury involving big flesh wounds and broken bones, the Bicom is very useful in accompanying and supporting the treatment. In these cases, the Bicom’s use is for pain reduction and speeding up the healing process (results are amazing!).


Bicom therapy can detect problems before they actually show up as symptoms of illness. Diseases that are marked incurable by standard methods, like lyme-disease (borreliosis) or demodicosis (mange / mite infestation) can be healed. Food allergens can be detected painlessly and quickly. Parasites, viruses, bacteria and environmental loads are detected without extra expenses. Vaccinations can be given safely.

The goal is to find and eliminate the root-cause of the disease and to help the animal to heal itself as best and as quickly as possible.

To stay well is less costly than to get well. To prevent is more rational than to cure.