“About MacKenzie’s allergies –
My husband and I would like to express our gratitude not only for your work but also for your diligent research. Our Bulldog MacKenzie, now 6 years old, is finally free of living with skin allergies, yeast infections and ear problems just to name a few. We both feel that her “raw meat” diet along with her supplements helped tremendously but what has really made a difference is the program that Dr. Kordon researched by Dr. Plechner. Since she added that program MacKenzie no longer scratches and most importantly no longer has a strong yeasty dog oder caused by the secondary infections.”

“About EMF protection –
I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with my new EMF (electro-magnetic-frequency protection) pendant. I am completely amazed by the benefits I am experiencing already. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I feel more calm and focused than I have in a long while. My mood is genuinely great and I noticed I felt so much more rested each morning without the usual tossing and turning at night. All I can say is WOW… how lucky was I to overhear your conversation on Thursday and why isn’t everyone wearing one???”

“About Charlie’s allergies –
I wanted to thank you for your help and guidance this past year with my Dachhund Charlie’s skin allergies. Your prescribed treatments have added a quality of life for him I once thought was hopless to achieve.

Years of watching him suffer and deteriorate was heartbreaking and we felt helpless as drug after drug failed to give him any extended relief. I was amazed at my first visit to learn that a change in diet, adding supplements and monitoring his progress would make all the difference. And yes, it has made all the difference. To think that such a logical approach had eluded us was humbling.

Charlie is now 11 years old and in the past year we have witnessed with joy his recovery. His constant aggetation from discomfort has been relplaced with the pure pleasure of feeling good. He is again full of life, eager to play and able to relax without care.”

“About Charlie’s allergies –
His skin, once black and covered with rash is now pink and smooth. His beautiful white fur has all grown back and his eyes are clear and bright.

When you recently tested his thyroid levels and found them low you went beyond the usual approach by incorporating a combination drug therapy that has furthered his progress and perhaps extended the time we have to enjoy him.

Although we discovered your clinic through sheer desparation to help Charlie I hope my story encourages others to visit you at the start of their pet’s lives. I know I would have after seeing first hand the benfits of your holistic approach. And to those like myself and Charlie, desparate for help, I hope they don’t hesitate another day to contact you.”

“EES room benefits –
Thank you so much for introducing me to the Energy Enhancement System (EES) room. Several years ago I was diagnosed with a rotor cuff tear in my right shoulder. The treatment was six weeks of therapy that did nothing and then surgery was suggested. I could not lay on my right side with my arm extended and had poor range of motion. After four visits to the EES room I have no pain when I lay on my right side and a 100% improvement in my range of motion.”

“I brought my dog to Dr. Kordon after he became violently ill from pesticides that were sprayed in my neighborhood. She treated my dog with homeopathy and a frequency treatment machine and had me change his diet. He had a full recovery in no time at all.”

“When I first found Dr. Kordon, I have to say that her methods appeared very strange. But I wanted to have an open mind. My 9 year old cat was hiding all day for several weeks. He did not let anyone near him. He was usually a social cat and this was very unusual behavior. Dr. Kordon found the problem to be his kidneys and endocrine system. She told me I needed to change his diet to a raw diet and gave me some information about it. She put him in cat carrier with a frequency machine that he didn’t want to leave when the treatment was over. Dr. Kordon also gave him a shot and some medicine for me to give him at home. Within a day, he stopped hiding and was more social. Today he is more like a kitten again – he loves to sit in my lap, greets everyone who comes to my home and he even plays with his toys again. I am a big believer in Dr. Kordon’s methods.”

“If not for Dr. Kordon, my ten year old cat would not be alive. Four years ago, this cat was in very bad shape. He hardly came out from under the bed, was not eating well and wouldn’t let anyone touch him. Dr. Kordon told me he was toxic from heavy metals that she found in my water. She said he was allergic to his food but his main problems were lymphoma and arthritis (per her testing). She put him in a cat carrier with a frequency machine, gave him homeopathic medicines and herbs and had me change his diet and litter. I also got a water system that removed all the heavy metals. Within a week of starting treatment, he was not hiding and was eating better. After a few treatments and a few months of supplements, he was like a different cat – active, social and eating well. I recommend Dr. Kordon to anyone who is open to alternatives for healing themselves or their pets. Dr. Kordon has the answers but it truly is a partnership between her and the pet owner to achieve the best outcome.”