1. Bioresonance (BICOM) Information

2. Pottenger Cat Study

During this 10 year cat study, Dr. Pottenger documented the direct relationship between diet and health. His ground breaking research which applies to all animal species and humans, was based on a study of 900 cats. Through his study, only raw milk and raw meat produced optimal health in bone structure, width of palate (space for teeth), shiny fur and absence of parasites and disease. In cats fed a diet of heat processed food, their 3rd generation kittens failed to survive 6 months.

3. Raw Food Preparation

4. Helicobacter pylori information

5. Bio-Algae Supplement (Biopreparation F2+ and F3+)

6. Water Information

7. Pet Dental Cleaning Without Anesthesia

8. Vaccination Caution

9. Hear what a conventional veterinarian has to say about kibble..

10. Healthy Natural Pets – Raw Food is Best

11. Raw Dog Poo and what to expect when making the switch

12. Toxic Foods to Avoid for Dogs and Cats

13. How Rawhide is made!

14. What you need to know about cat declawing

15. Cesar Millian – Watch this and many more by our favorite dog whisperer

16. The Trust Technique

17. Energy Enhancement and Measurement

18. Energy Enhancement System

19. Xenoestrogens and Cancer

20. Seriously no oil! And here’s why…

21. Liver Functions

22. Are supplements needed?

23. Vitamin C

24. Sunshine, Vitamin D and Showering

25. Magnesium BiCarbonate Water

26. Prolotherapy

27. The Great Lymphatic System

28. Wheat Dangers

29. Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

30. Fabric Softeners and Dryer Sheets

31. The Dangers of Air Fresheners

33. Cell Phone Study

34. The Alkaline Myth & Hype

35. Energy that TarGETS you! (English)