At Animal Health Oasis, we focus on prevention through water quality, raw or natural food diet, treatment of geopathic disturbances and elimination of allergens and environmental toxins. Through geobiological consulting for EMF protection, we detect and neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation that contributes to illness in pets and people.

This 3 year old dog in relatively good health was brought in by his owner due to an acute episode of diarrhea and vomiting for two days. Pesticides had been sprayed in the community where she lived and she believed that the dog had been poisoned by exposure to the chemicals. I had seen the dog before and knew that the dog was given only raw and organic foods and RO water that was confirmed to be pure. I used the Bicom to determine the offending chemicals, verify their effect on his liver, kidney and digestive systems and initiate treatment for eliminating the toxins and provide him with healing frequencies. His owner was given homeopathics, herbs and digestive enzymes to give the dog twice daily. He returned for a repeat treatment in a few weeks and was found to be in very good health. — Dr. Anja Kordon, DVM

When I first saw this nine year old cat, his owner reported that for several weeks, he was staying under the bed, barely eating, peeing outside the litter box and not social. In fact when approached, he would climb to places where no one could reach him. The cat was seen by a traditional vet who prescribed an antibiotic even though a urinary infection was not verified. Besides being under nourished and growth retarded, his major problems confirmed with BICOM bioresonance equipment included lymphoma and arthritis. He was toxic with heavy metals which were identical to the water sample brought in by the owner. His owner immediately replaced her water system with a RO system and repeat testing confirmed that the water was pure without heavy metals.Over a period of four months, he received several Bicom bioresonance sessions and was given daily homeopathic, herbal, Bach Flower remedy and nutritional support with a raw / natural diet. He started to show remarkable improvement, even after the first session. At his four month visit, he was healthy without any of his initial problems. His owner reported that for the first time since he was a little kitten, he was playful and extremely social. He also was more interested in eating and had gained 2 pounds. She was absolutely convinced that he wouldn’t be alive if not for the holistic care he received through Animal Health Oasis. – A. Kordon, DVM