Bicom FAQ

How does the BICOM machine diagnose and treat so many different problems?

Cells, tissues and organs of your pet’s body emit unique electromagnetic oscillations which in a healthy state, positively influence each other and produce an individual healthy oscillation pattern. When an animal is sick, oscillations of foreign substances are stored in the body and cause a disturbance in the normal oscillation pattern. Such substances may be amalgams, bacteria, viruses, allergens, toxins, etc. The electromagnetic oscillations from normal cells and those of foreign substances are received by the Bicom via electrodes placed on your pet’s body.

Through unique methods that are based on quantum physics, the Bicom identifies normal and abnormal frequencies along with weaknesses in organs and offending substances that are responsible for the animal’s problem. Besides this analysis, the Bicom separates and filters healthy and unhealthy frequencies, inverting the unhealthy ones, strengthening them and returning them to the body as healing frequencies. Over time and with additional Bicom healing sessions, cells regain their normal state as chaotic frequencies are cleared and offending substances are eliminated. Healing frequencies allow cellular communication and the normal oscillation pattern to be restored. Your pet becomes healthy through this process that stimulates self healing.

What types of problems does the Bicom Treat?

BICOM Bioresonance therapy is effective in the treatment of acute illnesses, chronic diseases and allergic conditions. It also reduces pain and promotes healing during traumatic injuries. Most common applications of Bicom therapy include:

  • Allergies
  • Food intolerances
  • Chronic and degenerative diseases
  • Skin diseases / eczema
  • Diarrhea
  • Diseases of the internal organs
  • Diseases of the neuromuscular system
  • Paralysis
  • Parasitic diseases
  • Pain symptoms

Is there any scientific data supporting the effectiveness of bioresonance therapy?

There is considerable scientific research and empirical reports along with volumes of anecdotal cases from therapists and satisfied patients (including happy pet owners), attesting to the effectiveness of the Bicom bioresonance treatment. It has been used in veterinary medicine for more than 20 years.

Will BICOM bioresonance treatment be painful or unpleasant for my pet?

The Bicom is a gentle computer controlled oscillation therapy without any side effects. During the treatment session, electrodes are placed on your pet’s body while he or she sits or stands. Pets find the therapy pleasant, relaxing and totally painless. Your pet’s body is never exposed to any kind of current.

How long is a Bicom bioresonance session and how many will my pet need?

The first diagnostic and therapy session takes about 2 hours. Each follow-up therapy session requires between 30 and 120 minutes and includes 3 to 6 treatment programs. The number of sessions required depends on many factors. Normally it takes between three and ten sessions.

What other holistic healing therapies can be used with the BICOM?

Holistic therapies including homeopathy and/or simply avoiding certain foods for a short time, are excellent supports for BICOM bioresonance therapy. The Bicom provides a “needleless” acupuncture treatment as energy flow is directed through the meridians via the electrodes.

Depending upon the animal’s problems, other adjunctive therapies may include Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM), Prolotherapy, ionic detoxification and rejuvenation wellness treatments.

Geobiological Consultation

What is geobiological consultation and why is it important to my pet’s health?

Your pet’s health can be severely comprised by electromagnetic radioactive pollution from electronic devices, water lines, radio waves and magnetic field distortions producing ground radiation. All of this pollution can be effectively neutralized with geobiological consultation that includes an analysis and appropriate plan for effective neutralization of EMF and natural geopathic radiation.

Why can I trust Dr. Kordon to provide these services?

Dr. Kordon is the only geobiologic consultant who is trained in EMF protection and licensed to distribute GeoSafe E Products in the US. Dr. Kordon is deeply committed to holistic healing strategies for people and pets that allow them to achieve and maintain optimum health and wellness.

Can geobiological consulting be provided in a remote location?

By sending Dr. Kordon a small hair sample, she can test your energetic situation and determine what is needed for geopathic and EMF protection that will meet the unique needs of you, your family and your pets.

What are GeoSafe E products and how do I know they work?

The neutralizing substance within GeoSafe products is based on 30 years of research and experience in the study of earth electromagnetic radiation that proves neutralization effectiveness. GeoSafe E products have been used in over 25 countries by more than 2000 physicians and therapists to restore and maintain the health of their patients.

Do I have to purchase the GeoSafe E Wooden Spheres again if I move?

Once you purchase a sphere, we credit you for the amount of your purchase when exchanging that sphere for another that is suited to your new living environment.

Rejuvenation FAQ

What is rejuvenation and who is it for?

Rejuvenation is a relaxing wellness environment that helps people and pets to increase their energy, vitality and heal themselves. Just by sitting in a comfortable chair or lying down in our rejuvenation wellness center, Scalar energy is bathing every cell in your body, helping to restore its normal function and recover from stress.

Why is rejuvenation important?

Our environments are filled with pollution, chemicals and toxins from electromagnetic fields, pesticides and many other sources that produce physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dysfunctions. Rejuvenation offers a natural way to counteract this pollution at the level of the body, mind and soul for people and pets exposed to this healing energy field. Results can be profound as healing is facilitated in all of these dimensions of being.

What is scalar wave energy and the EEsystem?

Scalar wave technology through the EEsystem is a unique type of healing energy delivered through a computer generated system strategically placed within the Rejuvenation Center of Naples. The EEsystem was developed by world renowned energy healer Sandra Rose Michael to provide an environment where living organisms can restore and maintain optimum functioning to their body, mind and soul. The scalar wave energy is non linear with waves that do not diminish with time or distance from their source. Living organisms exposed to EES within this environment can experience profound positive changes on physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual levels of being.

What can I expect to happen from Rejuvenation sessions?

When exposed to scalar energy through the rejuvenating EESystem, your body can rejuvenate itself and begin a powerful process of self healing. Through positive energy forces generated by the system, you can expect to feel very relaxed and peaceful and may even drift off to a restful sleep. Everyone’s experience is unique and based on their own individual needs. Scalar wave technology speeds up the self healing process by providing the right environment for your body, mind and soul to work at its maximum potential. After sessions, many people report more profound meditative states, improved flexibility, creativity, mental clarity, self confidence, performance, stress relief, sleep, emotional releases, post surgical healing and pain reduction.

What do I need to do to get the most out of my rejuvenation sessions?

  • During your sessions, take a few deep breaths and think about the positive outcomes you would like to achieve. Intentions are magnified by the system.
  • Welcome detoxification as it is a sign that self healing is occurring.
  • Drink plenty of energetically active water during and after your session.
  • Supplement your diet with organic vitamins and minerals that are highly absorbable.
  • Engage in moderate exercise at least three times per week.
  • Eat a nutritious diet rich in organic whole raw and unprocessed foods.
  • Facilitate detoxification by drinking plenty of water, promoting bowel elimination, taking a salt water bath after sessions and consuming more organic healthy foods.

How safe is Scalar Wave Technology?

The EESystem is very safe. It has been used in homes and clinics throughout the world for many years without any reports of side effects. People taking medications are advised to consult their physician or practitioner as the effects of these substances can be enhanced.

What are the policies regarding pets in the Rejuvenation Center of Naples?

Cats must remain in carriers at all times. Small dogs may sit on the laps of their owners. Unless special permission is given, dogs should not sit or lie on furniture. There is no extra charge for pets when accompanied by a paying owner.

How many rejuvenation sessions will I need and how often?

Initially, it is recommended that you have a two hour session 2-3 times per week. As you begin to feel energetic for longer periods of time, reduce your frequency to once per week or once every two weeks.

What are the costs of rejuvenation sessions?

Rejuvenation prices are subject to change. Please call our office at (239) 297-6519 to verify updated pricing.

Do I need to make an appointment?

We may be able to accommodate you without an appointment but strongly recommend that you make one. There is limited space in the room and priority is always given to those with appointments.