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Geosafe E Products Price List


GeoSafe E Products, based on 30 years of research and experience in electromagnetic and earth radiation study by Dieter Schafer, are proven to neutralize harmful EMF radiation from electronic devices, radio waves, wireless broadcasting frequencies, water-lines and magnetic field distortions that produce ground radiation. GeoSafe products contain over 20 crystal and mineral substances with varying physical angles of refraction for radiation neutralization. GeoSafe E safes and body protection products are available for purchase online. GeoSafe E Spheres, for location in environments such as bedrooms, offices, living rooms, automobiles and computer workspaces, should be ordered after a geobiological consultation by Dr. Kordon. Optimal neutralization is reached when the type of neutralization and the best location for placement of GeoSafe E Products (near bed or workspace) is determined through this consultation at your location or through remote services.

Item Retail Price
Geo-Safe-E Spheres
Geo-Safe-E 160 C $206.00
Geo-Safe-E 200 $257.50
Geo-Safe-E 240 $309.00
Geo-Safe-E 260 $334.75
Geo-Safe-E 260 FC $334.75
Geo-Safe-E 270 $347.00
Geo-Safe-E 280 $360.50
Geo-Safe-E 280 A $360.50
Geo-Safe-E 280 E $360.50
Geo-Safe-E 280 S $360.50
Geo-Safe-E 280 BS $360.50
Personal Mixture (filled in wooden ball) $360.50
Geo-Safe-E safes
Handy-Safe $64
Body-Safe $64
Laptop-Safe $64
Rail-Safe $64
Flight-Safe $64
Personal-Mixture (filled in cotton bag) $103
Other body protections
Wooden charm $64
Silver medallion $99.90
Gold-plated silver medallion $154.50
Geopathic Zones (book by Luise Weidel)
English version $15
German version $15

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